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Tartan & Tweed Collection
Collars, Leashes, Harnesses & Bows

For All Dogs

Made to Measure

Size Guide at the Bottom of this Page


Sensitive Skin Friendly | Quality Woven & Natural Cotton FabricsAussie Stainless Steel or Czech Brass |
NO corrosion, rusting or cheap metals
| Saddlery Grade Cotton Webbing | Washable & Long Lasting | Quick Drying | Breath
able |Vegan Friendly |

If harness colour you want isn't here, order one of the others and say which colour you want instead. 

(Or measure you dogs neck around the
widest part for a custom fit)

X Small: - Width: 1 cm  Length: 25-31 cm  
Small:  Width: 2 cm  Length: 26-37 cm
Medium:  Width:  2.5 cm Length:  42 - 52 cm
Large or Sight Hound:  Width:  4 cm
Length: Please advise dog breed)

 X Large or Sight Hound Width 5 cm
Length:  Please advise dog breed)
Leash 150 cm long or custom Made
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